Photo of incredible dogs

DOGS is a live family show like no other, full of music, special effects and lots of action. It was created to raise awareness for adults and children of all ages. We are sure that this show will change the way you look at animals for the better, especially DOGS!

the story behind the show

Four years ago, the producer of the DOGS show felt a great need to help remedy the regrettable situation we face every day, where thousands of dogs are abused and abandoned in the streets. Confronted with this state of affairs, he thought he could bring awareness to the audience and general public in a fun and educational way, where they could appreciate the skills these dogs have to offer and the close relationships between them and their trainers. It is for this reason that "DOGS: The Incredible Dog Show" was created. Its main objective? To promote the adoption of dogs in shelters and stop the abuse towards them.

"This show not only promotes pet adoption, but also displays the unconditional relationship between dogs and trainers. It was very heart warming and exciting, I loved it! Perfect for the whole family."

dogs around the world

For the past four years this show has been travelling all around the world - across 8 countries - raising awareness about the neglect and cruelty suffered by animals while also promoting the adoption of dogs from shelters.

see the biggest top

Dogs is presented under our custom-built, 40,000 square foot big top. The perfect setting for these amazingly talented pooches to show off for the audience. The sense of wonder it creates is both exhilarating and enchanting.

facts & figures

Show Duration: 2 hours
Cast and Crew: 45 Dogs with trainers
The Big Top: Seats 2,000 people